ZX-27 glass abutment has arrived in America! 

A new solution to people who are exhausted of wearing dentures or who are simply stressed about having oral surgery for implants.

  • We generally realize how important and valuable things are when we loose them. This is true for our teeth, too.
  • Whether you are a young adult that are lacking teeth or just have bad teeth that causes you having a removable prosthesis. This may ruin the rest of your live since removable prosthesis is very frustrating to deal with. 
  • There is a solution to make happy patients who do not want to have removable prosthesis or reject the introduction or surgical implants in the bone: the revolutionary prosthetic glass abutment system ZX27.
  • Patients with residual teeth get new hope for having the feeling of own teeth, regaining lost self-reliance and self-esteem, psychic balance and everyday comfort.
  • The exceptionality of this system lies in the fact that it eliminates the problem of own missing teeth in the oral cavity needed for the preparation or a fixed prosthesis without surgical intervention. The system allows that the missing own teeth are replaced with glass abutment made of a special material, which adheres to the mucosa in the toothless parts of jaw and mandible.

Why decide glass abutment system ZX-27?

Although there is no need for advocating for the advantages of fixed dental prosthesis,
we should like to point out some basic features of this new system:
High acceptability with patients; it has been proved that patients are more likely to have fixed dental prosthesis than removable ones;
•    Easy maintenance of the cleanliness of the oral cavity;
•    Esthetical outlook;
•    Comfort and regained self-esteem; enjoyment of meals;
•    Elimination of gastric problems arising from insufficient processing of meals in the oral cavity;
•    Reliability of the fixed cemented prosthesis;
      no need to have fears about its falling out, getting lost or broken;
•    Economy and low costs;
•    Clinically tested biocompatibility and friendliness of the material to human body;
•    Durability if all the instructions and principles are observed;

High professionalism and quality of design and processing by certified dental technicians.