Don’t Let Fear Ruin Your Health.

The New Approach to Dentistry by Dr. Mariana Savel, DDS with Staten Island Dental Office.

Many people who visit a dentist feel afraid and anxious upon their visit causing most to put off routine dental appointments until they have a dental emergency. If this sounds like you, you are not alone.

Almost 75% of the population is afraid of seeing the dentist. But now, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. What hundreds of people have already discovered about a certain innovative Staten Island dentist can change your life forever: you don’t have to jeopardize your health one day more—and it’s not just your teeth—your life could be at stake.

What most people don’t know is that poor oral hygiene can directly lead to heart disease, heart attacks, systematic diseases and stroke. Because cavities provide a direct entrance for bacteria to make its way into the blood stream, your oral health directly affects your whole body.

The chronic inflammation from gingivitis can cause reactionary inflammations in your internal organs leading to kidney failure. Bacteria from your mouth can cause arteries in the heart to harden.

The bottom line is that seeing a dentist regularly can add an extra ten years to your life. When people allow their fear of the dentist to interfere with their oral health, disease, pain and death can ensue—you’re only hurting yourself.

But now the game has completely changed. You don’t have to worry about visiting the dentist anymore; fear is no longer a factor.

staten-island-dental-office11 How can that be, you ask? Well, imagine not seeing the white lab coat that you correlate with doctors, dentists, disease and pain. Imagine hearing soothing music meant to calm the soul. Imagine not smelling the latex of surgical gloves or the anesthetics that conjure up memories of that painful dental visit when you were a child. If you can imagine all this, you should imagine yourself in the gentle hands of Dr. Mariana Saval, DDS.

Dr. Mariana Savel, DDS has changed the way patients feel about their dentist because she has changed the way dentists look at their patients. For so long, traditional dentistry ignored the fear and anxiety that so many people feel, instead focusing on getting them through the procedure as quickly as possible. But when Dr. Mariana Savel, DDS takes care of her patients, her approach is very different.

By utilizing alternative medical approaches, Dr. Mariana Savel, DDS has created the first stress-free, anxiety-free dentistry practice in New York. Taking her cue from cutting edge general medical practitioners, Dr. Mariana Savel, DDS has introduced a system that places the emphasis on the patient’s state of mind first, then focuses on the dental task at hand. Her innovative approach to dentistry has brought a new look at traditional practices.

By putting the body at ease through a manipulation of the senses, Dr. Mariana Savel, DDS has managed to provide the most effective way for relieving tension, anxiety and fear. People who visit her office often come in with a fear of dentists, but leave with the reassurance that their oral health and anxiety has just changed forever.

This is because many people only wait for dental emergencies before visiting the dentist. Now, they can enjoy the preventative services and treatments that allow them to visit the dentist on a regular basis: their fear is cured forever.

More importantly, these relaxation techniques (e.g. aroma therapy, music therapy, meditation) combined with Dr. Mariana Savel’s unique approach and peaceful office space are the kinds of implementations that have been shown in studies to quicken recovery rates. This means that not only are you getting the best dentist in Staten Island, NY area, but also will spend less time in the office (she has a no-waiting policy), less time recovering from procedures and more time away from the dentist!

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